Ghost Hunter’s Jason Hawes’s Wife Battling Brain Infection (Video)

Joe The Boss, December 23, 2013

Jason Hawes' wife Kristen admitted to the hospital for a brain infection

Paranormal investigator Jason Hawes and star of Syfy’s paranormal reality show “Ghost Hunters” recently reported some upsetting news to his fans regarding his family. According to a Facebook post from last night, Hawes announced that his wife Kristen is in the intensive care unit battling an infection in her brain.

“Kristen ‘my wife, my love, and my rock’ is in the ICU and battling an infection in her brain. They have her highly sedated at this time and on a ventilator. She will be there thru Christmas at the very least. Please understand this is a very hard time for us all here. Thank you all for your love, support, and understanding,” Hawes announced on his Facebook page.

Terrible news.  I remember when she was sort of on the show because the whole TAPS operation was stationed in a trailer on their front or back lawn.   Those were the good old days of TAPS.   I havent watched the show in years now.  It’s just so streamlined and boring anymore.  I don’t like the people on it even.  Except Dave Tango who seems to be just a nice guy.  None the less, I have many good memories of watching the show back in its hey day.  Best wishes Jason Hawes.  Wish nothing but the best for you and your family.  -Joe the Boss

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